Posted by: injoynow | January 21, 2009

A Welcome Message from Carolyn Kelley

carolyn kelley

This is my first blog post for InJoy Organics ~ Herbal Energetics.

I am looking foward  to sharing wisdom and stories about natural healing, herbal products, and interesting stories about “Injoying” the Journey with you.  I am  passionate about seeing life as sacred and about herbs, flower essences, essential oils, energy healing,  and saying Yes! to life.   I have traveled a circuitous path which has given me many opportunities for training and growth.  As Herbalist, ReikiMaster, and Therapist, I have had the privilege to assist many people in their healing journeys for over 30 years.I like to consider myself as a “Facilitator of the Journey”.


The picture of me is taken at my daughter and family’s home in Hawaii, such a contrast from snowy New Hampshire.  Both beautiful places to be. I feel blessed to be able to travel to Hawaii on visits and live here in New Hampshire.


Thanks for visiting the blog, looking forward to sharing my experiences here with you and hearing your comments!

In Joy,
InJoy Organics, Herbal Energetics & Journey Within


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