Posted by: injoynow | January 23, 2009

My Hope Has Been Rekindled, Helping Obama Hold His Vision

What a remarkable week. We do live in exciting times. 38 million people watched our new President be sworn into office. I for one, had tears in my eyes and my heart felt like it would come out of my chest.

My hope has been rekindled.

Dreams can come true.
Dreams do come true!

We listened to President Obama as he called us to unity of purpose. He inspired us even as he addressed the difficult tasks ahead. Our leaders hold the energy for our nation. From our experiences of the last few years we have grown consciously as a nation. We have come to know more clearly what we need and want for ourselves and our nation and world. And… we have manifested a President to help us meet those needs and desires!

Our job now is to hold fast to our vision, our dreams, and to work together toward them with dedication and enthusiasm. This includes lending our heartfelt support and goodwill to President Obama, helping him hold his vision during challenging times ahead. The more we come together and work together, the more we will find harmony and joy every day occurrences.

To Aid Us On This Journey
To aid us on this journey there are many natural ways to “Keep the Faith”. There are many helpful books and CD’s to keep us on track. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrns, “The New Earth” by Eckart Tolle, “The Superbeings” by John Randolph Price, and “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto are some that I find inspiring. I am sure you have your favorites. I will share more of some of mine down the road.

Another way of staying positive is with the beautiful Essential Oil /Flower Essence Sprays on my site. They each have delightful combinations of essential oils and flower essences to create the special energy of the intention. They also have affirmations to assist you in manifestation. There is “Love Light and Laughter“, “Uplifted and Confident“, “Focused Contented Child“, and lots of others to choose from. They all have delightful aromas and actually do work. There are several Flower Essences that I find helpful as well. Larch for self confidence is especially helpful, Mustard and Wild Rose help when we feel discouraged and the time honored SOS Rescue is great for comfort and support for anxious feelings.

May peace, love and joy be your constant companions as we move foward.

Blessings and Joy,


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