Posted by: injoynow | February 4, 2009

The Mayans Knew the Benefits of Chocolate Thousands of Years Ago

cocoa plant
We do live in challenging times, times that can be exciting and wonderful when we know how to navigate them. It is up to each of us as individuals to make our world what we want. What we think and feel will determine our experiences in life. I will write more about this as I go.

I love to share insights and bits of magic and wisdom as well as ways to make our lives more joyous, comfortable and real. I also love to learn, experience and share information about the power of herbs, foods and natural healthy living.

The Mayans & The Benefits of Chocolate
Now, chocolate IS natural and healthy.

It really does uplift our spirits, making our days more joyful. As I was drinking my organic Hot Chocolate today by my wood stove, I was thinking about how the Mayans knew the benefits of chocolate thousands of years ago. The Mayans and Aztecs treasured and consumed cacao as early as 600 B.C. Later exported to Europe, it was reserved for the wealthy for centuries. Cocoa is often referred to as “A Gift from the Gods”, and likely so with all of it’s health benefits!

cocoa treeHow did the Mayans know that Chocolate was a health food? They were in touch with their inner knowing, something we have, for the most part, discounted today. It is comforting to know that ancient wisdom exists and that we can and do tap into it. Consider how many people crave and consume chocolate. It really is a health food. (How good is that!!?) And perhaps it is one way that we tap into ancient wisdom that is True and Real!

When we are conscious of this latent ability, we can call it forth in present time. I will be writing more about chocolate and tapping into our inner knowing soon! For now I am ready for another cup of my organic sugar free Hot Chocolate.

Now we all can enjoy chocolate liberally without the side effects of sugar in my unique recipe.

There is a special offering for this month of February on the Hot Chocolate on the web site for those interested. Check it out in the store, or read more about the benefits of Cocoa on the main web site,

I’d love to hear from you …what you are interested in, what you want me to write about, etc…so please make your comments below!
For now Injoy, Carolyn



  1. This reminds me to give some of your cocoa to my friend Dawn who has diabetes…

    The other night she had a sugar craving – she owns a convenience store and went on a snicker fest and really made herself sick! I have to get this over to her…

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