Posted by: injoynow | February 18, 2009

You Don’t Have to Suffer with a Cold or Flu!

Stop a cold in a few hours and a flu in a day!!
snuffyReally, herbs can work that fast when used often. The key is to catch the infection at the first signs of a problem. I got over the flu last week in one day by taking Flu the Coop and Viral Resolve and Immuni-Tea about every half hour. Other people have done the same with these wonderful Extracts.

I’ve stopped a cold in as little as 3 hours many times by taking Stop It Cold every 15 minutes! As symptoms abate, you can take the extracts less often until all symptoms are gone. Herbs are amazingly effective when you know how to take them. They enhance our immune system rather than supressing it or taking it over as antiobiotics do. We are lead to believe that colds and flus last days or even weeks. That does not have to be true. We don’t need to suffer…there are no rewards or merits to suffering…so be good to yourself and help your body be the amazing creation that it is. What it needs is your belief that it can heal, your loving attention, a little rest and assistance with healing herbs. If you haven’t caught the infection at the beginning, the herbs may take longer to work, but work they will when you are consistent.

To stay well take vitamins C and D3, probiotics and lots of vegtables on a regular basis. Also drink plenty of water and tea. Immuni-Tea can be used anytime and Chai GreenTea is a delightful warming tea. Both have immune enhancing properties and are also on the web site. Fresh ginger and lemon can be added to either one.

You can access these with more detailed information on my web site: under Herbal Therapies and then Herbal Extracts with Flower Essences.

As our old friends on Sesame Street say:

“Sing, sing a song sing out loud, sing out strong…sing of good things not bad, make it happy, not sad.”

Watch for my next post that will talk more about this and how our happiness is directly related to our health.



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