Posted by: injoynow | March 9, 2009

The Magic of Herbs & The Wonders of Life…

Herbs are alive, real. They work with the body. Just think of the excitemnet of that! We are Alive Vibrant Beings. Our bodies respond to substances that are also alive.  Herbs actually respond to what we need.  They create different reactions depending on the individual needs of each person.

For instance, Hawthorne leaf and berry assist the heart, regulating blood pressure. If too high, it helps lower, if too low it helps bring it up.  How does it know how to do this?  This is one of the wonders of life. 

We have a choice….we can turn to drugs.   Drugs are designed to relieve symptoms.  The focus is not on curing imbalances or disease.  Or… we can choose to work with Nature and embrace healing naturally.  The more we learn about the wonders of natural remedies…herbs, flower essences, essential oils, even healthy foods…the more empowered we will be to take charge of our own health and well being.

It is a choice. Your choice.


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