Posted by: injoynow | March 21, 2009


Can you feel it in the air?

The sap is running and Spring is here! Warmer weather, more daylight hours, feels good doesn’t it? Can you feel your body responding? Wanting to move more? It is time to clean out the winter sludge, the kidney energy in Oriental medicine, and make way for the uprising energy of spring, the liver energy.

Here are some suggestions:
Eat more lightly and eat less heavy foods. For instance, eat lots of greens of all kinds, steamed and raw. Try new varieties like mustard greens steamed with swiss chard. Add some dandelion greens too. Add vinegar or coconut oil and Sea Shakes for a tasty treat. Drink more herbal teas and add lemon. You can even make fresh parsley tea.

Stay away from sweets, dairy, breads and heavy meats. Eat fresh ocean fish. Your body may already be craving these things. It is Nature’s way of being in touch with the seasons.
Herbal Energetics offers 2 cleansing ideas. Both address the liver and the kidneys and lymph as well. It is really important to do both to cleanse the whole body.

People Boost

Take Inner Scrub People Boost in the morning all spring to cleanse liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph, skin, and bowels and use Energy Burst People Boost during the day to increase your consumption of greens, which are both highly nutritive and cleansing. This combination will give you more energy and make you feel lighter and more alive! Another helpful way to cleanse is to use the Liver Cleanse Tea and the Kidney

Cleansing Teas

Lymph Tea together, liver in the morning and kidney Lymph in the afternoon and evening during a designated time period. Perhaps on weekends during the spring or during a 2 week period. These suggestions will help especially if you are prone to allergies. Also keep Allerfree Extract with Flower Essences handy.


It is a very effective formula. Starting with it before symptoms appear can save a lot of grief.
And get outside. Breath in the wonderful fresh air. Walk, smell the spring. Celebrate the emerging of new life in the running streams and new shoots. Look for fiddleheads and bloodroot flowers,(pictured at the top of the page). They are one of the first spring flowers to greet us. Pure white, they open to the sun and come out before their bigger leaves appear as a blanket of protection from summer heat. Let your heart be gladdened by the renewal of life, feel it, be it.


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