Posted by: injoynow | April 16, 2009

The Wonder of Life, It Sounds Like Magic and In a Sense It Is.

Without thinking, we just assume that the world we live in is the world. However, there are many realities, many worlds, within this world. Reality is actually dependent on one’s belief system. Whatever you believe will dictate you reality and your experiences.

For instance, if you feel fear, inside, even unconscious fear, you will find things in the outer world that substantiate your fears. The same with anger, lack, confusion, sadness…. On the other hand when you feel joy or love that too will manifest in the outer world!

This sounds like magic and in a sense it is.
It is how it works here on Planet Earth.

We are just coming to realize this as new science is substantiating the fact that thoughts, words and feelings actually create! This means that whatever you say, pay attention to, or feel, will increase.

Now, think about that when you watch the news. Be undaunted by it or it will keep you trapped in its reality and actually increase its power! You, yes you…we each individually, have power to change our reality. The more we focus on positive events in our lives and in the world, the more we promote harmony, peace, love…

What is your purpose? What is my purpose?

Find the Wonder of Life every day. Live in that space. Focus on what makes you happy, feel alive and well. Once you get this, really get it, you will no longer feel the need to fix anything, yourself or the world; or work on it, fret over it, or even understand it, all of which strengthens and prolongs the negative!!

Wow, what a thought.

It is very freeing. It is moving to the vibration where all is well. That is possible, even when the outer world will try to tell and show you differently. So turn within. Feel your own rhythm, feel the rhythm of the earth. Resonate with these vibrations, the essence of life. Focus on the wonder in the trees coming alive again in spring, the wonder of chocolate, the wonder of a loving embrace, the wonder of a child’s laugh. Find the love, the peace, the stillness. Embrace the Wonder of Life. Affirm it, feel it, focus on it, live it. It will direct you toward positive action. It will change you life. It is where the magic happens, things beyond our wildest imaginations!!



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