Posted by: injoynow | July 9, 2009

Don’t Bug Me, and Don’t Bug My Pets Either!

The Season for Don’t Bug Me Bug Repellent
dont bug meI’m getting lots of orders and reorders for Don’t Bug Me bug repellent gel. It is best we know of! People love it and come back year after year for their season’s supply. It works amazingly well and does so Naturally! No need for toxic chemicals. It contains all healthy ingredients including organic herbs and oils, essential oils, flower essences and homeopathic remedies. It smells great too! AND it actually takes out the sting and itch if you do get a bite! All in one, imagine! And it is safe for infants and children!!!
It is the only repellent that we know that addresses this wide range of issues in such a comprehensive manner!

Homeopathic remedies specifically work on relieving the itch and sting. Organic herbs are anitseptic/antibacterial and protect the skin and help it to be healthy.They also do their part to keep the bugs away. Oils, like neem, repel bugs and even tics. Essential oils repel the bugs as well and offering immune protection and more and yet have a pleasant scent for people. Flower Essences actually protect energetically, warding off unwanted bug attack and soothing one’s nerves. When I formulate products, I like to cover all of the possibilities so when you purchase my products, you are purchasing a formula that has a wealth of knowledge behind it to address what the body needs, for instance, how it can repel bugs, wasps, dont bug my petsfungus and keep you happy and healthy- all in a healthy harmonious way.

Don’t Bug My Pets Either!
Specially formulated for dog and other pets, even horses, helping them keep those bugs away from their skin, eyes and mouth so they can enjoy the outdoors too!


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