Posted by: injoynow | October 22, 2009

The Swine Flu Vaccine is Constantly on the News.

Carolyn Kelley, Herbalist and Facilitator of the Journey, Suggests a Refocus.


This present flu situation is a man made “crisis”. The belief in its “reality” shows us yet again just how far we have strayed from our selves, our inner knowing. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are deeply connected to Nature and natural ways of healing. We fall away from natural things because of our endless focus on external events that keep us away from ourselves and what is true and real. When we stop and think and really look at facts, we begin to see a larger picture and another perspective. Fear and negativity sell news. Vaccines make billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies and cause more harm than good. The real crisis is distorted views, misinformation and our belief in it!


The more drugs we consume and chemicals we dump into our water, air, and food, the less we feel connected to the ground of our being. This disconnect affects every part of our health: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We feel unsure, alienated from ourselves and others, alone, scared, and desperate. As a result we lose ourselves and look outside for answers. We turn to “experts” for help, believing vaccines will “protect” us from the enemy. The evidence is to the contrary. Immunity is built into our bodies. It does not come from vaccines. It is enhanced by good food and water, exercise, and healthy life styles. How can we possibly think that injecting poisonous vaccines into our bodies can be anything but destructive?

Take a good look at the Earth, our practices of pesticide use and the hundreds of other chemicals that assault our environment, our food, water and air and our bodies every day. These are irresponsible practices. We disregard our plants, our herbs (the world’s oldest healing tradition still in place today all over the world), erroneously thinking that modern medicine and modern technology have the better answers.

Pharmaceuticals control conditions and mask symptoms. Herbs heal.

Inoculations are not the answer. They are part of the problem as are many drugs. The US spends more money on disease than any nation and yet we are one of the sickest nations on Earth. Our blood is teeming with toxins. Children receive 36 vaccinations before school age! The alarming increase in the rate of chronic as well as acute diseases and dysfunctions, including ADHD, cancer, autism, depression, and hypothyroidism is in direct relationship to these poisonous practices. The results are cumulative, sometimes slow and subtle, seeming to have “no known cause”. Yet, there is an alarming increase in the rate of un-wellness, depression, fear, exhaustion, pain, and sickness today. The third and fourth causes of death in this country are doctor prescribed drugs and inappropriate use of drugs by doctors. 100,000 deaths a year! Is that not a crisis? Ask yourself why that is not on the news. We are destructing ourselves!

Louis Pasteur developed the “germ theory,” theorizing that germs were the enemy that created sickness. It gave birth to the pharmaceutical industry. On his death bed he reversed this theory, saying that tropism was the issue. In other words, the internal environment of the body, when weak and stressed, creates an opportunity for germs to proliferate. Therefore, we have made germs the enemy rather than seeing that germs thrive on unhealthy cells in a stressed body. Modern medicine still practices from the standpoint of Pasteur’s old belief, attempting to combat germs, even though new science and quantum physics have long since proven the opposite. Most doctors are well meaning, but not trained in new thinking. They are often overly influenced by the powerful pharmaceutical industry.

Focusing on disease creates more disease. Focusing on wellness increases wellness! Medicine focuses on disease. Treating the external environment as the enemy makes people victims. It is well documented by new science that our thinking is a creative act. In other words, what we believe and focus on the most becomes our reality. The comic strip character Pogo once stated, “we have found the enemy and it is us!” It is us that needs to change, our attitudes, our beliefs, and our practices. We need to focus on wellness. We can and must take responsibility for our lives, our health. Be informed, proactive. Make conscious, responsible, healthy choices and seek and practice healthy wellness care. Avoid being taken in by profit driven pharmaceutical propaganda, and mass media capitalization of swine flu fear. Fear can only control us if we give it the power to do so. There is evidence that the swine flu was created, not a naturally occurring germ. Think about that! And think of the amount of money that the pharmaceutical industry stands to gain from this and other vaccines and drugs. Billions! What is the motivation behind it all? Your wellbeing?? Think again.

So here we stand between disease and wellness; between looking for experts for the answers and trusting our inner knowing. Walk among the plants. Feel the peace there, the beauty.


Feel the Earth’s healing power. Enter that realm of magic. It soon will be our everyday reality and you can help that to emerge! See it happening! Believe that it can and that you can be a part of it. Sing a song of gratitude in your heart for the gifts that have always been here, all around us. As we wake to their reality we will feel their powerful gifts. Embrace the gifts. They are real and true. We really are part of this beautiful world of Nature and she will heal us when we truly ask.


  1. Thank you Carolyn for your thorough post! This whole pig issue is really bringing out the truth isn’t it! Making us look for better answers, as we realize the government has failed the people in terms of our public health.

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