Posted by: injoynow | March 26, 2010

We ARE All in This Together


The world is changing. I am sure you have felt that change; it is good, so there is no need to go into fear! Old outmoded dysfunctional and deceptive ways are dying. Previously, people pretended that they were ok, often fooling themselves as well as others.

Businesses were primarily out to make money, at all costs, to others. Cover ups were the name of the game.

Although there are many businesses and people still living that old paradigm, there is a rising of consciousness happening. People are no longer as comfortable being insincere and just out for themselves or to make money. There is a knowing emerging that we are “all in this together” and we need to connect with each other, help each other and be genuine. Today authenticity and integrity are mainstays of new businesses.

Have you noticed that? People are finding others like themselves and businesses with this new philosophy to connect with. That is why going local is so important. Developing relationships with neighbors simply makes sense. Trust is inherent there, and differences can be seen as interesting diversity. (Of course, many have always lived this way. You are probably one of them. What a refreshing change to have others joining us.) Also connecting with real people on line can work as well. You can find people and companies that embody this new philosophy. The old ways will die out of their own accord. Trust that that is so. Let them go and focus on the new, the genuine, and the real. It is refreshing and exciting. It will also help new ways manifest more quickly. There really is a divine plan in action way bigger than our small minds. Go into your heart and trust that as well!

tulsi tea

There are many ways we can feel connected, entering the state of Oneness. Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea has been referred to as “God’s Tea” as it works with the spirit. Find out more!


Here is a related video where I spoke at the NOFA 2010 Winter Conference. I talk more about us all being connected, and different ways of reaching this state of higher vibration. I’m so happy to be able to bring this to you on video and will be offering more soon! Join the email list to receive more information as it comes available:


Carolyn Kelley
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