Posted by: injoynow | March 30, 2010

A Personal Story on How Things Happen

How things happen. (Better known as the Law of Attraction).

I have been visualizing/affirming, with great feeling, working with groups of people on Conscious Awakening for a long time. I have focused on this more lately and have been putting into practice the methods I am sharing in the groups.

And now it is happening!

I started with a group in February and offered it again in March as interest seemed to be growing. The day before I offered the second group, I had the intuitive nudge to do a demo at Concord Coop for some of my products. Almost as soon as I arrived I met people interested in the group. Since that group (the next day) was full, I offered another this Saturday. The group filled with all unexpected and mostly new to me people. It was a wonderful group. And now there are more people interested, so I am offering it again on April 17th.

People are ready. I am ready!! The universe it telling us all “It is time!” I am very excited and honored to be a part of it all!! You might want to join us too as we strive to Peace/Piece it all together and Live with Love on Purpose.


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