Posted by: injoynow | April 13, 2010

Personal Empowerment – Researching Your Own Health

I just read the announcement of a new book by Mike Adams creator of He is a very astute and insightful writer, keeping us up to date on many solutions to today’s multiple health problems. On his site he includes extensive information not found in traditional medicine or by pharmaceutical companies.

book His new book is entitled: Solutions, and “the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them”. Yes, there are many healthy solutions. We are beyond the point of being able to rely on traditional “experts” for this information. Training is often outmoded or completely absent, especially about the newest research, and unfortunately money, rather than our well-being rules in too many cases. The internet is a valuable way to decipher the best information since we can search and find many different sites reporting the most up to date information. Researching and knowing for ourselves is of vital importance today. With a little investigation, you can find sites that have your best interest at heart and ring true. Keep searching and learning. This is part of personal empowerment today.

Carolyn Kelley
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