Posted by: injoynow | April 15, 2010

Lyme Disease Advice from an Herbal Elder

Oh My!! Deer tick season just popped up!

It seems way too early, doesn’t it? Luckily I have been finalizing my new ant-tick protocol during the last week. I’ve been assessing what has worked for me, and my clients over the years, talking with others, doing research about new findings, etc. Yesterday I learned of one person I know who just got bit and then I found out that Pat, who works here, got bit over the weekend.

OK, I better get this going! It is a very serious condition if not treated specifically. Starting quickly is important. (By the way, there is no real definitive test for Lyme, so a lot is guesswork, even symptoms!) Pat went home with a specific tincture today that she tested for herself. And will make another to compliment it tomorrow. Teas and the Immune Support People Boost will also be part of the protocol.

Now, I don’t say this lightly or often, but in this case antibiotics seem to work for many if caught in time. However, along with and after antibiotic treatment, which compromises the immune system, it is strongly advised to add herbs to strengthen the body and make sure the Spirochetes bacteria (named Borrelia burgdorferi after the discoverer) is gone and doesn’t return. Chronic lyme disease is way too common and very difficult to endure. Herbs work more deeply and very differently that antibiotics. They actually work with the body to strengthen and assist in healing. There are several herbs that have shown good results. The best plan is to alternate several so that the little spiral troublemaker cannot adapt to one single herb or formula. They are pretty smart critters you know, having been around since 30,000 BC! Their only goal is to survive and they have had a lot of practice!

I always tell people that my Immune Support People Boost is extremely valuable to keep the whole family protected, year round. The herbs in this formula are right on for lyme, especially first stages (Japanese Knotweed, Astragalus, Chaga…), as well as for just about any immune compromised situation.

I will often say that to people and they smile and say “What a good idea, taking a formula so we don’t get sick!” and then for whatever reason they decide not to do it. We are such an “in the moment” society that we have trouble thinking ahead. It doesn’t seem to be in our consciousness to take care of ourselves that way. We seem to think we are invincible, until we get something and then rush to fix it, spending lots more on treatment than on prevention. I know I am very blessed to have all these herbs at my finger tips, but I sure don’t like to see people suffering when they don’t have to! Now, I can’t promise this formula will stop you from getting bit, but I can promise you that it will boost your immune system and make you more resistant to any invasion!

In the mean time, take lots of garlic and Vitamin D3 (at least 5,000 units a day) for prevention and after too to help strengthen the body. Get started with the Immune Support People Boost right away too. Also use the “Don’t Bug Me” gel to protect you when you are outdoors!

The amount of tick bites in NH is up all of the sudden, if you are concerned you have contracted Lyme, contact me for your specific herbal regimen. You don’t have to suffer.

Carolyn Kelley
603-286-4696 Toll Free 1-866-265-1548


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