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The Energetics of the Queen, Reishi Mushroom!
Here comes the Queen of Mushrooms!……Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum, honored since before the birth of Christ, has legendary status. A rare and secret substance revered by ancient Taoists, it has even been found in ancient Buddhist temples. Said to restore life, it promotes longevity and health and increases wisdom and joy for those who take it regularly! It is known as the “Queen, (or in some places, the King) of Mushrooms” and called the “Elixir of Youth”, because it vitalizes the whole system. Reishi, treasured more than gold, embodies both earthly and heavenly energies. It was reserved for emperors and kings in China in ancient times.

Its in Intention Tea, an Enchanted Mushroom Elixir, truly a longevity Tea; one to use every day! Reishi mushroom, a key ingredient in our new Intention Tea, is resurfacing in today’s western world due to a few dedicated people who have rediscovered its value. It actually grows on trees in our forests. Considered a supreme immune tonic and an adoptogenic food, it is called the “Immortality Mushroom”, known for its healing and life extending properties. No wonder it has so many honored titles, more than any other herb! It probably is the most important, if not one of the most important, herbs available today. Its broad spectrum and powerful healing and balancing effects are almost unbelievable. It is a magnificent example of how connecting with Nature’s gifts brings us profound results!

Here is a list of its most known properties.

* Treats all immune disorders, including AIDS and Cancer
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, preventing fatigue
* Muscle pain
* Inhibits bacteria and viruses
* Alleviates: Allergies,
* Bronchitis,
* Pneumonia,
* Rheumatoid arthritis.
* Heart protector in the following ways:

improving circulation
reducing cholesterol and triglycerides
lowering blood pressure and hardening of the arteries
improving muscle tone of the heart
generally reducing the risk of heart disease.

* Triterpenes found in Reishi work to build and strengthen the liver, treating liver diseases including hepatitis.
* Useful for stomach ulcers
* Reduces inflammation often associated with many chronic and degenerative diseases.
* Adaptogenic properties, assist in balancing and rejuvenating the body
* Relaxes muscles
* Relieves insomnia
* Calms the body, reducing stress while also being
* Revitalizing at the same time, thus
* Increasing inner strength and stamina.
* Improves adrenocortical functions
* Relieves altitude sickness
* Is grounding and uplifting
* Has strong antioxidant properties, protecting the body against oxidative stress.
* Polysaccharides, being one of the healthiest substances we can ingest according to raw food expert, David Wolfe, are found in reishi, contributing to its overall healing benefits.
* Embodies both earthly and heavenly energies.

How can one substance do so much? Imagine the intelligence there.
This list of healing properties is impressive isn’t it?

Reishi works on a very deep level to strengthen and balance the body in every way possible.

Medicinal Mushrooms are potent foods. They gradually nourish and strengthen over time. They are intended to be used long term, perhaps always.

intention tea

I am not going to stop taking the Intention Tea any time soon!
If we can feel better and better, why not?? Choose health, I say! YES TO LIFE!!!


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