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5 Major Herbs from Around the World in Intention Tea

5 Major Herbs from Around the World to Help Us
Deal with Today’s Mounting Health Issues
All part of Intention Tea, Enchanted Mushroom Elixir!

life force energyWith rampant disease plaguing today’s modern world, many people are turning natural ways and prevention. Natural remedies are being embraced as healing allies again! Long ago this was the norm. Today we have focused on technical know how and scientific discoveries and have almost lost sight of the very essence of life, the Life Force in all things. Fortunately quantum physics has opened our eyes to the fact that everything is energy, or Life Force. That Life Force is who we are, the very essence of our being. It is also found in whole foods and herbs. It is not found in laboratories and rarely in doctor’s offices. It is found in Nature and in the positive interactions we have with each other.

intention teaThe following 5 herbs are brimming with Life Force, each offering an aspect of prevention and healing for today’s conditions. They are blessings, offering their healing aspects to those open to using them. Added to Chaga and Reishi Mushrooms this tea is truly adding up to be a great world tea, for almost every condition of the modern world.

Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is one of the most important herbs for boosting and modulating the immune system that I know. It works at a deep bone marrow level increasing immunity.  It actually builds resistance to colds and flus and other externally contracted diseases. Not only that, but it also helps with exhaustion, poor digestion and metabolism, weakness, shortness of breath, prolapsed organs, regenerates tissue and tonifies the blood. It strengthens chronically weak lungs, reduces deficiency edema, is a cardiotonic, heals wounds and is used for UTI’s (urinary tract infections). It is an adaptogen, helping the body come into balance, and has anti-inflammatory properties as well. It is a major herb used for cancer. It protects the adrenal cortical function and protects against white blood cell drop during chemotherapy. It decreases bone marrow suppression, increases white blood count, lessens chemotherapy and radiation side effects and inhibits the spread of tumors

Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) a climbing vine native to Peru and Brazil used traditionally for many conditions. Recent studies in the western world show promising results about this important herb. It is an antioxidant, reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system, stimulates white blood cells to fight infections, is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and works to inhibit healthy cells from become cancerous. Encouraging research shows anti-tumor effects and use in cancer and AIDS treatments. It helps protect against heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol and blood pressure and by inhibiting formation of arterial plaque deposits and blood clots. Cat’s Claw has been shown to benefit memory as well. It improves DNA repair, balances intestinal flora, balances digestive complaints, and is used for chronic fatigue syndrome, Cronh’s disease, Candida and other parasites and fungi, irritable bowel syndrome, duodenal and gastric ulcers, bone and other pain, and various forms of arthritis.

Eucommia bark (Eulmoides) is commonly known as the hardy rubber tree. It is one of the top fifty herbs of traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), du zhong. This tree, in its wild state, is now protected. All eucommia bark comes from cultivated varieties. Once harvested, the bark regrows on the trunk so the tree is not in any way harmed. The bark has an interesting property, being thin and relatively smooth, yet very strong with a cellophane like substance inside the bark. Plants often give us hints as to their use. These descriptions indicate strength, and perhaps speak to its use for bones and joints. It is best used as a tea or in a capsule rather than an extract. It is used as a tonic herb and for relieving stress. It posesses anti-hypentensive action, being a vasorelaxant. It helps regulate and lower blood pressure. Another noteworthy property is its ability to strengthen bones and joints.  It also is used for low back pain, kidney problems, sexual dysfunctions and preventing miscarrages. Herbs are so interesting in their diverse actions! I am amazed every day. They truly are a blessing.

horsetailHorsetail (Equissetum arvense) also called shave grass and bottlebrush because of its strength and scrubbing uses, has served humankind since ancient times. It is one of the most ancient plants on the planet where it thrived as a huge trees 400 million years ago! With its high concentration of organic silica and other minerals it has a strong ability to strengthen bones and connective tissue, promoting bone and cartilage growth, and treating brittle nails and hair. It is useful for osteoporosis and other types or arthritis, bone and joint health as well as connective tissue health, including tendons and ligaments. It calms inflammation, especially of the genitourinary tract and helps alleviate uric acid based kidney stones. It is well known for its diuretic function. Today with the increasing concern about bone density, it is a valuable plant with the proper constituents and Life Force to strengthen bones. David Wolfe, super food expert, states that “Calcium does not build bones. It is one of the biggest misconceptions ever.” One of his top super herbs is horsetail. He suggests taking horsetail containing silica and magnesium which alchemically combine with other essential minerals in the body to strengthen bones. The Swiss herbalist, Abbe Kuenzle says, “All people from a certain age on should drink a cup of Horsetail tea every day all year round and all pain caused by rheumatism, gout and nerves would disappear and every person would have a healthy old age.”

Pau d’ arco (Tabebuia avellanedae) also called lapacho is a rain forest herb extraordinaire. Native to the Amazon rainforest and other parts of South America, it is a huge canopy tree. With a well documented history of use by indigenous people, it may even predate the Incas! It has been used in similar ways by tribes living thousands of miles apart. It was employed to make hunting bows because of its strength. It was and still is used internally for its strength and vigor as well. It has an amazing number of health benefits.In this country it is often used as an anti-parasitic and for Candida. There is a strong indication showing that cancer is related to fungal infection. This herb is perfect for both. It is anti-microbial, anti-fungal anti-viral, anti-bacterial and has highly significant anti-cancer properties, including leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and tumors. It is used for colds and flus, urinary infections, respiratory infections, and gastrointestinal conditions. It is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant and an analgesic aiding pain relief and addressing the underlying causes. Its long list of uses includes arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, allergies, liver problems, circulation problems and even lupus and Parkinson’s disease. It is also helpful for skin conditions like psoriasis and skin ulcers. Coming back into popularity today, this herb is extremely valuable for the conditions we face in modern society. David Wolfe, raw foods expert and researcher of the deep essence of plant life, includes this herb as one of his top super herbs. It makes a delicious tea with no know side effects.

Wow, Wow!! Can you believe the power in this tea?? And there is one more section to go, the sweetness and spices. Stay tuned for more amazing information!!

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