Posted by: injoynow | March 16, 2011

One Million Children Sing for Peace

Watch this amazing video of

1 million, yes, 1 million children all together in one place singing to create a better world. It is beautiful and will bring you tears of joy and hope and open you heart! This is the kind of news that should be broadcast everywhere don’t you think?

Click here or copy and paste:

More than ever we need to find the good, believe in the hope, have faith, focus on the positive, release our fears and anger and reach out to each other in LOVE and PEACE. Lets come together to change the world!!



This man is healing people through out the world with his gentle yet powerful gaze.


And then there is Ho’oponopono
a powerful healing and transformative process.
There are many many wonderful dedicated people out there doing their part to create a better world. Check out Gregg Braden, Louise Hay and Bruce Lipton on youtube as a start.
It is my commitment to do the very best I can. Won’t you join me? We can join hands even across the airwaves! Lets come together to change the world!!
I would love to hear from you and get your feedback!!

Ask me about an incredible new method of transformation and healing. It is called Matrix Energetics. (You will be glad you did.)
Carolyn Kelley, Facilitator of the Journey (603) 286-4696 or email


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