Posted by: injoynow | April 27, 2011

(For those who have tried to download this program and couldn’t we now have a new working web address!)

Are you concerned about wireless networks and radiation you can’t see? Do you feel a reduction in mental clarity, memory or focus? Are you experiencing lower energy, sleeplessness, irritability, stress, anxiety or illnesses? It could be from EMF’s in your environment!


This is an answer!

Today we need to do everything in our power to protect ourselves from the overwhelming number of toxins in our world. There are times when we come across amazing unexpected gifts. Here is one that came to me. Metatron Technology provides a life supporting effect in the environment, even above and beyond the electromagnetic field issue. It is really much more than can be described here. Electromagnetic pollution is a dangerous and silent, invisible form of toxicity, affecting both our physical and emotional health. Below is how you can download this solution for yourself.

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Not only do we have a multitude of destructive toxins in our air, water and food that are invisible, we also have life damaging invisible EMFs all around us as well…computers, cell phones, wireless networks, microwaves, electrical appliances…radiation we can’t see!

A new technology for transforming these EMFs has been developed by an amazing man, a true humanitarian, Ron Hall. It is called Metatron Technology™.  His mission is to help improve the quality of life for humankind: not a small task! It works by transforming chaotic man-made electro-magnetic fields into coherent life-supporting fields that are in harmony with the natural fields created by nature, thus recreating a peaceful coherent environment. All you have to do is download it onto your computer! Simple. Actually, there are several programs to download free!! He is working on a similar program for cell phones now, and another to neutralize nuclear radiation. If you have questions, please call me. I am very excited about this and have downloaded the programs on my computer. It does make a difference. My life is calmer, I am more focused and productive. I really enjoy being at my computer now and that is saying something for me! It affects the surrounding area as well, 10 feet around and more. Feedback from people is very positive. Those who are sensitive can actually feel the coherent energy! I would love your feedback, as would Ron.

go to:  for your free downloads. This is an amazing gift!

Journey Within Learning and Wellness Center

Carolyn Kelley, Facilitator of the Journey

Northfield, NH 03276  603-286-4696

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