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The Overlooked Substance That Can Make All the Difference in Your Health

The overlooked substance that can make all the difference in your health.

Almost no one thinks that digestion is the problem! But think about it, if we are not assimilating our food properly, how can we be healthy?

Doctors go for the “big diagnoses” as is their training, ones that they can treat with pharmaceuticals. If you have any of the following your digestion may be at the heart of the cause! Crones disease, IBS, arthritis, Candida, lactose intolerance, allergies, chronic infections, anemia, constipation or diarrhea, acne and rosacea, bad breath, diabetes, weight gain, hyper and hypothyroidism, autoimmune disorders, pain, herpes, eczema, asthma, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease…

So what is the solution? It is multifaceted and many people use some of the right supplements like digestive enzymes and probiotics. These are important, but may not address the problem! Eating organic foods, reducing or eliminating gluten grains and going very light on sugars are very important and may also help, but there is still something missing. HCL or stomach acid is the missing ingredient for many, many people and may make all the difference in your health!

One of the first questions I ask people when they come for a consultation has to do with digestion. Is there bloating, belching, slow digestion, gas, indigestion, nausea, fullness, sour stomach, low immunity, chronic infection, candida, weak or cracked fingernails and hair, skin breakouts, exhaustion, pain… It is rarely if ever addressed in the medical world, yet herbalists have known about it for centuries.

                        We use Bitters to stimulate digestion. They contain bitter herbs like gentian and dandelion root which help the body produce its own HCL. InEurope people often go to bitters bars before eating.

The problem can feel like too much acid and be thought of as heartburn or acid reflux. People think, and may be told, that their problem is too much stomach acid and then take something like Tums to correct the problem. That actually makes it worse because it reduces the little amount of stomach acid that is present, making it even more difficult to digest one’s food. When we don’t digest our food properly, we are subject to all sorts of diseases because we are not assimilating the proper nutrients! It causes malnutrition and can be present even in children. I believe it causes weight gain because the body is trying to get the necessary nutrients by assimilating more food. There is also evidence that when our bodies can’t get the correct nutrients, they are more subject to assimilating toxins!

Calming herbs may be added to help relax the stomach too. Often stress is a major problem. (When we are under stress, we most often produce less stomach acid.) In those cases it may be helpful to take relaxing herbs like the ones in our Don’t Panic formula. With the amount of stress in today’s world, we all need some relief! There are also a variety of flower essences that can be extremely helpful here. (Some of them are in the Don’t Panic formula.) It is really about taking charge of our own health!

So try something simple for at lease a month, either Bitters or Bentaine HCL, and Don’t Panic or other relaxing herbs and/or Flower Essences if you feel stressed. Observe your symptoms. The amount to take will vary with each person. Take enough to make a difference in your digestion. And drink only a little (and no ice which freezes stomach juices!) with meals so as not to dilute your stomach acids. Another thing to try is eating bitter salad greens like Romaine with a bit of vinegar and olive oil during a meal. Vinegar is also acidic and may stimulate your digestion. Some find it helpful to eat salad at the end of the meal and some at the beginning. Each person’s digestion is different, so try it both ways.

Another way that you can get some bitters is in the Inner Scrub People Boost, which contains bitter herbs.

Other helpful hints include good sea salt (our Sea Shakes have good salt from salt flats inPortugal that have been used for thousands of years. Salt from American oceans may have toxins.) Sea salt, and sea weeds are necessary and important for proper digestion. They stimulate stomach acid production and contain over 84 minerals needed for good health. Eat a balance of foods each day containing protein, vegetables, some fruit, very little if any grains and fat (yes, scientific evidence now shows that good fat like olive oil, coconut oil and even butter, all organic, are essential). And reduce your intake of sugar to an absolute minimum.

For that sweet tooth use stevia and Truvia and try our delicious for the Love of Hot Chocolate as a candy as well as a drink. To make the candy simply add equal amounts of the powdered Chocolate mix to melted coconut oil and let harden!

For those concerned about body alkalinity, here is my answer. Your stomach needs to be acidic to digest food. After the acidic digestive process, the body then creates an alkaline environment. If the stomach is too alkaline the process can be reversed causing an acidic environment in the body, prone to inflammation and disease.

You may be very relieved. Your other “disease symptoms” may actually abate or reduce significantly. Give it a try! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to relieve your symptoms simply and easily? Don’t change your other protocols until you see a lessening of symptoms. I would love to hear from you with your results!

 Experience your health the natural and harmonious way. Are you ready for Magic and Miracles? Ask Carolyn about RTE: Releasing Trapped Emotions and Restoring True Essence.You will be glad you did!!

(603) 286-4696 or for a consultation.

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