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The Amazing Chaga Mushroom

CHAGA, the Gift from Heaven, The King Of Mushrooms
Perhaps the most important ingredient in our new Intention Tea, Enchanted Mushroom Elixir is Chaga mushroom. Relatively “new” to the western world, Chaga, Inontus obliguus, known as cinder conk, is a parasitic fungus that grows as a black volcanic or charcoal looking mass, on birch trees. Growing in northern regions on birch trees, sometimes for as long as 30 years, it has information and wisdom of the ages contained within it. You may have actually seen it if you are out in the woods. Although it grows on other trees, it appears to have a synergistic relationship with birch. It contains betulin from the birch tree, a medically active compound being studied as a chemotherapeutic agent. In Siberia it is know as “the gift from heaven”, the King of Mushrooms, an age defying secret of shamans and healers for centuries. Our wise ones were able to tap into deep truths about the workings of Nature. They were able to engage natural healing substances in alchemical ways. This knowing, almost lost today, is reemerging, thanks to a dedicated few who have turned back to Nature and are passionately retrieving this vital information. We are fortunate to live in a time when we are reawakening to the many traditional folk uses of Chaga and other amazing natural substances. These are being confirmed by scientific research today. Paul Stamets expert in mushroom research, is one such person bringing back information and carrying out new research on the incredible value of mushrooms.

Chaga grows in many parts of the world and all over America, especially in old forests. It has a pleasant vanilla like taste. It can be taken long term, as a food and tea. Broken into chunks and simmered, it creates a pleasant tea. One that can be used several times without loosing its potency. It can even be added to coffee, creating a much healthier drink! Powdered, it can be added to smoothies, etc. as a super food. It is also in Herbal Energetic’s Immune Support People Boost. Both ways are recommended. You really can’t overdose on this one. It is considered a food.
Paul Stamets says it has the greatest antioxidant power of any plant ever found! It has the highest ORAC value, almost 60,000 units! (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) of anything in the natural world, making it a longevity tonic of the highest order! It therefore has unmatched potential to reduce the effects of aging as well as strongly boost immunity. Being constantly exposed to free radicals from pollution and environmental toxins, antioxidants are of vital importance in our world. Antioxidants help reduce the workload of the immune system as well as the aging process. (This may be one and the same thing.) Chaga works to prevent cellular damage before it happens. It’s melanin compounds nourish the skin and hair as well.

Chaga is indicated for the most serious health problems as well as a preventative. It contains over 215 phytonutrients, and a full spectrum of immune stimulating phytochemicals, including 20% beta glucan, which has the ability to activate the immune system without over stimulating it. Its high proportion of complex polysaccharides (long chain sugars ie. beta-glucan) fit into the receptor sites on immune cells enhancing their activity. Betulin and betulinic acids contribute to its immune properties. Chaga also has an abundance of proteins, natural minerals, and anti cancer triterpenes. And it is one of the highest sources of Vitamin Bs on earth!

Considered an adaptogenic food, it is able to tonify and rebalance the whole system when taken on a regular basis! Recent clinical studies, have shown its ability to stimulate the body’s natural immune functions. It possesses anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti-Candida, anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-tumor properties and is an immune system modulator! (Adjusting auto immune or immune deficiency, it rebalances the immune system). David Wolfe, natural and raw food expert, believes that Chaga is the most important anti-cancer herb in the world. Today clinical research substantiates ancient uses, adding details that are important in today’s technological world. Used as an anti-tumor remedy, it was approved in Russia as a cancer drug in 1955, successfully treating stomach, lung, breast, stomach and cervix cancers and also melanoma. In 1960 it was reported to successfully treat cancer in Australia. It has been used for centuries to treat cancers, tuberculosis and digestive problems. It has also shown promise in lowering blood sugar levels by reducing glucose uptake and is heart protective. Its melanin compounds nourish the skin and hair as well. It can also be used as a topical anti-infective.

With no known side effects, one wonders why everyone is not using this amazing mushroom on a regular basis! Our education about natural substances for health has been preempted by society’s strong focus on modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs. It is time for us to become aware of the many natural opportunities of healing available to us. It is our right and responsibility to be proactive and take charge of our health. Health is a gift and Chaga is a superior example of how Nature is our ally. It is amazing how the very herbs and foods that we need in our compromised world are there when we really seek them, isn’t it? We can even think of it as a miracle!

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The Energetics of the Queen, Reishi Mushroom!
Here comes the Queen of Mushrooms!……Reishi, Ganoderma lucidum, honored since before the birth of Christ, has legendary status. A rare and secret substance revered by ancient Taoists, it has even been found in ancient Buddhist temples. Said to restore life, it promotes longevity and health and increases wisdom and joy for those who take it regularly! It is known as the “Queen, (or in some places, the King) of Mushrooms” and called the “Elixir of Youth”, because it vitalizes the whole system. Reishi, treasured more than gold, embodies both earthly and heavenly energies. It was reserved for emperors and kings in China in ancient times.

Its in Intention Tea, an Enchanted Mushroom Elixir, truly a longevity Tea; one to use every day! Reishi mushroom, a key ingredient in our new Intention Tea, is resurfacing in today’s western world due to a few dedicated people who have rediscovered its value. It actually grows on trees in our forests. Considered a supreme immune tonic and an adoptogenic food, it is called the “Immortality Mushroom”, known for its healing and life extending properties. No wonder it has so many honored titles, more than any other herb! It probably is the most important, if not one of the most important, herbs available today. Its broad spectrum and powerful healing and balancing effects are almost unbelievable. It is a magnificent example of how connecting with Nature’s gifts brings us profound results!

Here is a list of its most known properties.

* Treats all immune disorders, including AIDS and Cancer
* Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, preventing fatigue
* Muscle pain
* Inhibits bacteria and viruses
* Alleviates: Allergies,
* Bronchitis,
* Pneumonia,
* Rheumatoid arthritis.
* Heart protector in the following ways:

improving circulation
reducing cholesterol and triglycerides
lowering blood pressure and hardening of the arteries
improving muscle tone of the heart
generally reducing the risk of heart disease.

* Triterpenes found in Reishi work to build and strengthen the liver, treating liver diseases including hepatitis.
* Useful for stomach ulcers
* Reduces inflammation often associated with many chronic and degenerative diseases.
* Adaptogenic properties, assist in balancing and rejuvenating the body
* Relaxes muscles
* Relieves insomnia
* Calms the body, reducing stress while also being
* Revitalizing at the same time, thus
* Increasing inner strength and stamina.
* Improves adrenocortical functions
* Relieves altitude sickness
* Is grounding and uplifting
* Has strong antioxidant properties, protecting the body against oxidative stress.
* Polysaccharides, being one of the healthiest substances we can ingest according to raw food expert, David Wolfe, are found in reishi, contributing to its overall healing benefits.
* Embodies both earthly and heavenly energies.

How can one substance do so much? Imagine the intelligence there.
This list of healing properties is impressive isn’t it?

Reishi works on a very deep level to strengthen and balance the body in every way possible.

Medicinal Mushrooms are potent foods. They gradually nourish and strengthen over time. They are intended to be used long term, perhaps always.

intention tea

I am not going to stop taking the Intention Tea any time soon!
If we can feel better and better, why not?? Choose health, I say! YES TO LIFE!!!

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Lyme Disease Advice from an Herbal Elder

Oh My!! Deer tick season just popped up!

It seems way too early, doesn’t it? Luckily I have been finalizing my new ant-tick protocol during the last week. I’ve been assessing what has worked for me, and my clients over the years, talking with others, doing research about new findings, etc. Yesterday I learned of one person I know who just got bit and then I found out that Pat, who works here, got bit over the weekend.

OK, I better get this going! It is a very serious condition if not treated specifically. Starting quickly is important. (By the way, there is no real definitive test for Lyme, so a lot is guesswork, even symptoms!) Pat went home with a specific tincture today that she tested for herself. And will make another to compliment it tomorrow. Teas and the Immune Support People Boost will also be part of the protocol.

Now, I don’t say this lightly or often, but in this case antibiotics seem to work for many if caught in time. However, along with and after antibiotic treatment, which compromises the immune system, it is strongly advised to add herbs to strengthen the body and make sure the Spirochetes bacteria (named Borrelia burgdorferi after the discoverer) is gone and doesn’t return. Chronic lyme disease is way too common and very difficult to endure. Herbs work more deeply and very differently that antibiotics. They actually work with the body to strengthen and assist in healing. There are several herbs that have shown good results. The best plan is to alternate several so that the little spiral troublemaker cannot adapt to one single herb or formula. They are pretty smart critters you know, having been around since 30,000 BC! Their only goal is to survive and they have had a lot of practice!

I always tell people that my Immune Support People Boost is extremely valuable to keep the whole family protected, year round. The herbs in this formula are right on for lyme, especially first stages (Japanese Knotweed, Astragalus, Chaga…), as well as for just about any immune compromised situation.

I will often say that to people and they smile and say “What a good idea, taking a formula so we don’t get sick!” and then for whatever reason they decide not to do it. We are such an “in the moment” society that we have trouble thinking ahead. It doesn’t seem to be in our consciousness to take care of ourselves that way. We seem to think we are invincible, until we get something and then rush to fix it, spending lots more on treatment than on prevention. I know I am very blessed to have all these herbs at my finger tips, but I sure don’t like to see people suffering when they don’t have to! Now, I can’t promise this formula will stop you from getting bit, but I can promise you that it will boost your immune system and make you more resistant to any invasion!

In the mean time, take lots of garlic and Vitamin D3 (at least 5,000 units a day) for prevention and after too to help strengthen the body. Get started with the Immune Support People Boost right away too. Also use the “Don’t Bug Me” gel to protect you when you are outdoors!

The amount of tick bites in NH is up all of the sudden, if you are concerned you have contracted Lyme, contact me for your specific herbal regimen. You don’t have to suffer.

Carolyn Kelley
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Personal Empowerment – Researching Your Own Health

I just read the announcement of a new book by Mike Adams creator of He is a very astute and insightful writer, keeping us up to date on many solutions to today’s multiple health problems. On his site he includes extensive information not found in traditional medicine or by pharmaceutical companies.

book His new book is entitled: Solutions, and “the Conspiracy to Keep You From Knowing About Them”. Yes, there are many healthy solutions. We are beyond the point of being able to rely on traditional “experts” for this information. Training is often outmoded or completely absent, especially about the newest research, and unfortunately money, rather than our well-being rules in too many cases. The internet is a valuable way to decipher the best information since we can search and find many different sites reporting the most up to date information. Researching and knowing for ourselves is of vital importance today. With a little investigation, you can find sites that have your best interest at heart and ring true. Keep searching and learning. This is part of personal empowerment today.

Carolyn Kelley
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A Personal Story on How Things Happen

How things happen. (Better known as the Law of Attraction).

I have been visualizing/affirming, with great feeling, working with groups of people on Conscious Awakening for a long time. I have focused on this more lately and have been putting into practice the methods I am sharing in the groups.

And now it is happening!

I started with a group in February and offered it again in March as interest seemed to be growing. The day before I offered the second group, I had the intuitive nudge to do a demo at Concord Coop for some of my products. Almost as soon as I arrived I met people interested in the group. Since that group (the next day) was full, I offered another this Saturday. The group filled with all unexpected and mostly new to me people. It was a wonderful group. And now there are more people interested, so I am offering it again on April 17th.

People are ready. I am ready!! The universe it telling us all “It is time!” I am very excited and honored to be a part of it all!! You might want to join us too as we strive to Peace/Piece it all together and Live with Love on Purpose.

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We ARE All in This Together


The world is changing. I am sure you have felt that change; it is good, so there is no need to go into fear! Old outmoded dysfunctional and deceptive ways are dying. Previously, people pretended that they were ok, often fooling themselves as well as others.

Businesses were primarily out to make money, at all costs, to others. Cover ups were the name of the game.

Although there are many businesses and people still living that old paradigm, there is a rising of consciousness happening. People are no longer as comfortable being insincere and just out for themselves or to make money. There is a knowing emerging that we are “all in this together” and we need to connect with each other, help each other and be genuine. Today authenticity and integrity are mainstays of new businesses.

Have you noticed that? People are finding others like themselves and businesses with this new philosophy to connect with. That is why going local is so important. Developing relationships with neighbors simply makes sense. Trust is inherent there, and differences can be seen as interesting diversity. (Of course, many have always lived this way. You are probably one of them. What a refreshing change to have others joining us.) Also connecting with real people on line can work as well. You can find people and companies that embody this new philosophy. The old ways will die out of their own accord. Trust that that is so. Let them go and focus on the new, the genuine, and the real. It is refreshing and exciting. It will also help new ways manifest more quickly. There really is a divine plan in action way bigger than our small minds. Go into your heart and trust that as well!

tulsi tea

There are many ways we can feel connected, entering the state of Oneness. Tulsi (Holy Basil) tea has been referred to as “God’s Tea” as it works with the spirit. Find out more!


Here is a related video where I spoke at the NOFA 2010 Winter Conference. I talk more about us all being connected, and different ways of reaching this state of higher vibration. I’m so happy to be able to bring this to you on video and will be offering more soon! Join the email list to receive more information as it comes available:


Carolyn Kelley
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Are You in a Suggestible State Most of the Time?

Here is another area where it is important to know! It is now a known fact that we are controlled by our subconscious thoughts 95% of the time. That’s right 95%!! Our conscious mind is in control 5% of the time, really, 5%!!

This information was clearly articulated by Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book “Biology of Belief”. Enlightened people, some therapists, teachers, and spiritual leaders are understanding the important implications of this knowledge.

People are in a trance about 70% of the time.

That state, part of the subconscious, is a suggestible state, where we are controlled by what ever comes into our brains. We are not in control of our lives in that state. External forces are in control, news media, TV and videos, advertising propaganda, other people….


There are many ways to change this phenomena which means you will be more in control of your life. It takes a willingness to be open, to take initiative, and to have the desire to delve deep.

I will be discussing more as I go about this topic… check the blog, facebook & join the email list to hear more on this important next step in our evolution.

Knowledge is power. What we don’t know can and does affect us. Here are a couple of examples about foods and supplements. High Fructose Corn Syrup is very bad for us and it is as addictive as cocaine!! Do you think that the industry doesn’t know that?? It keeps people coming back for more and making lots of money for them. And, oh, by the way this includes Agave nectar!! (Sorry).

agave nectar

It contributes to weight gain, heart disease and many other diseases including gout and diabetes. Studies are just beginning on this topic, so stay tuned for more. Dr Mercola, on his web site, presented a comprehensive interview with medical doctor and researcher Dr. Johnson on March 13th.

Dr Mercola also discusses the vital importance of Vitamin D3 in many back issues as well as a multitude of other important health information that is not reported in the regular media. It is our responsibility to know. It affects every part of our lives. When we don’t know, we can’t take care of our health. Our lives are then controlled by others, people we don’t even know!! Dr Mercola gets millions of hits every day on his site. People want to know. Join others and take care of your health. You can subscribe and get newsletters 3 times a week.

Carolyn Kelley
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A Cascade of Thoughts and Ideas to Share with You

Hi Friends,

The world is changing so rapidly and life is very exciting when we understand it! Truths that have been shrouded in mystery for 1000’s of years are now beginning to become clear, make sense and be scientifically substantiated! I have a cascade of thoughts and ideas that I want to share with you on this subject. So here goes, something to ponder…..

Most people don’t know.
And…they don’t know they don’t know!

Here is a recent video where I explain this in further details:

I’ll be writing more posts here about this. If you are local, I am starting a group in Conscious Awakening that will cover the topics in this video and more. Email or call 603.286.4696 for more info.

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Complete Herbalist’s Perspective on Immune Support

People Boost Immune Support

people boost immune support
Although Herbal Energetics has developed many successful formulas to aid those if they get sick, taking care to stay well is always the best choice. This Immune Support formula is filled with potent herbs and helpers to do just that. It is designed to help you take charge of you own health and feel empowered to do so.

Herbs in the Immune Support formula:

One of the most important herbs for boosting the immune system that I know. It actually builds resistance to colds and flus and other externally contracted diseases. Not only that, but it also helps with exhaustion, poor digestion, and metabolism, weakness, shortness of breath, prolapsed organs, and it tonifies the blood. It strengthens chronically weak lungs, reduces deficiency edema, heals wounds and is used for UTI’s. It is a major herb used for cancer. It protects the adrenal cortical function esp. useful in chemotherapy. It decreases bone marrow suppression, increases white blood count, lessens chemotherapy and radiation side effects and inhibits the spread of tumors.

Chaga Mushroom:
One of nature’s oldest medicinal herbs, called by some the “Medicinal King of Herbs” has been used in Russia since the 16th century for a wide variety of ailments, including cancer. It contains over 215 phytonutrients with one of the highest ORAC values at almost 60,000 (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) meaning one of the highest substances on the antioxidant scale. It is recommended that we consume at least 7,000 ORAC daily to help lower the risk of cancer and other immune dysfunctions. It is also one of the highest sources of vitamin Bs on earth. Chaga contains a full spectrum of immune stimulating phytochemicals, including 20% beta glucan, which has the ability to activate the immune system without over stimulating it. It also stands out in clinical trials to inhibit the growth of tumors. Chaga grows on birch trees and draws its nutrients from them, one being betulinic acid which is being studied as a chemotherapeutic agent. It has also been shown to reduce stress, and fatigue, improve sleep, resist disease, regulate nerves and muscles, enhance mental clarity, and aid with digestive problems.

Burdock Root: A good blood, liver, kidney and lymphatic cleanser, thus important for immune health. Clears heat, infections, and inflammations, benefits arthritis, and rheumatism. It is also used for stimulating digestion, calming liver related restlessness, some cancers, mastitis, and skin conditions.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero): An important adaptogenic herb that helps the body adapt to and withstand stress more effectively, increasing overall health, energy, endurance and concentration. It enhances oxygen metabolism in the tissues and organs, strengthens digestion, and the kidneys, supports adrenal function, helps alleviate chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction, and enhances overall resistance to disease.

Japanese Knotweed: A newly introduced herb, high in resveratrol (which is also found in red grapes to a lesser degree) with a significant amount of antioxidant power. It has a multitude of health benefits and improves overall health, protecting the body from health related conditions, mainly those from modern day living. Benefits include boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, increasing liver and hearth health, reducing HDL cholesterol, improving circulation, regulating blood sugar, balancing hormones, promoting longevity, weight loss, and promoting skin tone.

Ginger Root: Widely used all over the world for its multitude of healing properties, ginger is commonly used as a digestive aid and for its warming and stimulating energy. It is a strong anti-inflammatory and useful for colds and flu and other conditions of congestion as well as for cramps, pains and spasms, diarrhea and general coldness. It is used in many formulas to enhance the workings of other herbs.

Hawthorne Berries: A strong cardiac tonic used for both emotional and physical heart issues. It increases oxygen uptake, stimulates circulation, regulates blood pressure and irregular heart beats, reduces blood lipids and cholesterol, strengthens the heart muscle, and helps maintain a healthy heart, veins and arteries. When the heart is in balance, the mind can rest. That being the case, the body can then move into a state of wellness. In this formula it is also used, as the Chinese use it, to aid in digestion and assimilation.

Milk Thistle Seeds: Protects the liver from chemicals and other toxins, increases the resistance of the membranes against negative influences and regenerates the liver. It aids most all liver conditions. It is specific for congestion and inflammation of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and kidneys and is an antioxidant. A healthy liver is able to resist disease more effectively.

Orange Peel: Very high in vitamin C and bioflavinoides, this is also used in Chinese formulas for “stagnant stomach chi”, thus aiding and regulating digestion.

Rose Hips: One of the best natural sources of vitamin C, helping the body’s defenses against infections. They also help relieve exhaustion and mild gallbladder, kidney and bladder conditions.

Tulsi/Holy Basil: Imbued with healing powers, this herb is considered India’s ”Queen of Herbs” and has been used for 5,000 years. As an adaptogen, it supports the body’s immune system and promotes and maintains wellness. Referred to by herbalists as a rejuvenative herb, qi tonic, and a restorative herb, it helps the body adapt to environmental, physical and emotional stressors, support normal functions, and restore balance.

Wood Betony: Feeds, calms and strengthens the central nervous system. It helps one to be grounded, relieves gastrointestinal irritability and aids cerebral circulation.

Other Recommendations for Wellness:
Take probiotics on a regular basis. Probiotics increase health-enhancing intestinal bacteria and serve to prevent the overgrowth of potentially harmful bacteria in the gut. The gastrointestinal tract is a major part of the immune sysyem. The surface area of the digestive tract is approximately the size of a football field! As such, the immune system must work hard to prevent pathogens from entering into blood and lymph. A low ph (ranging from 1 to 4) in the stomach kills many harmful microorganisms that enter it. Some people my need additional stomach acid to achieve this state. This can be obtained with Bitters Formulas or HCL.

Other factors in the GI tract help with immune function as well, including enzymes in the saliva and bile. Additional enzymes may also be helpful. Vitamin D3 is also essential for immune health as well as for overall health and wellbeing. 5,000 units daily are recommended by many. This cannot be over emphasised.

In these ways it aids the body in maintaining wellness.

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