Posted by: injoynow | March 10, 2009

Why I LOVE NOFA (Northeast Organic Farmers Association)

I again had the pleasure of connecting with this wonderful group of people at the NOFA NH Spring Conference on Saturday March 7th. They are down to earth real folks, light hearted, knowledgable, unassuming, dedicated, friendly, open, respectful, a delight to be with.

It is obvious that they love and respect the land and what they do.

You can see it in their faces; in their presence. There is a peace, an inner strength that sustains them. They focus more on what they are doing in the Natural World than the events of the manmade world.

Nature helps us do just that.
As more and more people begin gardening again (or farming or in some conscious way being out in Nature) perhaps for the very first time, they will experience the wonders of life and be sustained by that discovery not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

As the sap begins to run and the plants are making their way to the light from under the earth, I feel it inside myself. Don’t you? Our bodies, too, are getting ready for spring. We are all connected. We are the miracle of life and it continues!

In Joy,
Carolyn Kelley


  1. Hi Carolyn-
    Catherine told me to look at your site and in seeing it, I’m amazed and absolutely delighted.
    Everything is so delectable. When I get some money together I plan on making a purchase. HHope to see you up at the cottage this summer. Much love to you and many regards. Laurie Cellucci

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